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Toddler Room

Our Toddler room caters for children aged from one year, until their second birthday in an age-appropriate environment. The children in this room have a range of different resources and activities to stimulate their emerging vocabulary, co-ordination and self-expression.

To help them achieve this, equipment includes:

  • A roleplay area where they can practise lots of vocabulary using objects from their everyday lives.
  • A book area with a cosy den. We find that children love to snuggle into secure spaces and are proven to be more confident communicators in smaller spaces.
  • Toddler boxes and a nursery gym. Toddler boxes support their physical development helping children to balance. The nursery gym helps children to take measured risks with the help of a supporting adult, enabling them to increase their confidence in their own abilities.
  • Designated outside space with a mud garden to encourage curiosity and appreciation of the outside world.


Two toddlers at the Early Years Nursery, Milton Keynes

Our Ofsted Review

All children progress well in their learning and development. The nursery team effectively monitors their progress and identifies their next steps of learning.

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